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About EL light

The name Light Innovations was derived from taking innovative lighting technologies (such EL lighting) and incorporating this into useable consumer products. The main product focus behind Light Innovations was to create product that was not only practical and widespread, but also to integrate the EL lighting phenomenon seamlessly where it was not only user-friendly, but also somewhat fashionable.

The strategy for Light Innovations was to introduce a consumer product line that was practical and useful, but also could be bought by the masses due the price point we are introducing the product at. From children to adults the products make sense to almost every level of consumer. With the above being said, Light Innovations is based mainly for safety reasons. Although it has an appeal to many in different ways, our concentration on product function was geared towards safety. Safety is a vastly overlooked part of our society and the numbers tend to back this up. Night time deaths account for 42% of the total number of cyclists killed. One factor contributing to fatal nighttime bicycle accidents is that the bicycles and riders are not readily visible to motorists. Motorists involved in car/bicycle collisions report that they hit the cyclists because the bicycles and riders were not visible.The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports about 1,000 deaths per year in cycling accidents. Riding after dark is cited as one of the top four highest risk factors. On average, a pedestrian is killed in a motor vehicle crash every 94 minutes in the USA, and one is injured every 6 minutes.Cycling injuries account for 500,000 emergency room visits per yearLast year 3,371 pedestrians were killed on state freeways and county roads while outside of their cars for any number of reasons including to change a tire, fill their gas tank or walk to an emergency call box.

EL lamps illuminate when powered with alternating current (AC-power). In order to use the direct current (DC- power) from a 9Volt battery, an inverter is required. As voltage is applied to the conductive surfaces, an electric field is generated across the micro encapsulated  phosphor and dielectric layers. Twice during each cycle the electric field excites the phosphors and the phosphors emit light through the transparent front conductor of the lamp.

EL lamps do not work well as a directed light beam like an incandescent bulb in a flashlight. They excel however in general illumination and represent a quantum jump in safety standards over traditional, passive reflective gear. EL lamps have long life spans compared to incandescent bulbs. In ideal conditions EL lamps can last tens of thousands of hours. In our Light Innovation's products they are expected to last several thousand hours or close to a decade of evening dog walks or just out and about. EL lamps also fade gradually over several hours as the batteries run down. At the end of their effective life spans (many thousands of hours) they do not wink out as most lamps do but fade gradually over a period of months.


Electroluminescent ("EL" for short) lighting is used in many flat panel displays such as watches, cell phones, pagers, GPS devices, and computers; the technology is even used in the Space Shuttle. Any place where heat, space, vibration or electrical interference is a problem.

EL lamps can provide a literally life saving alternative to incandescent, halogen, neon or mercury-sulphur lighting. The lighting is highly efficient so it produces no heat, and is thinner than a credit card so it can fit almost anywhere and have no filament, ballast or gas filled tubing to break or shatter. EL lamps are electrically similar to a capacitor and consist of a dielectric (non-conducting) layer and a light emitting phosphor layer sandwiched between two conductive surfaces, at least one of which must be transparent or translucent. The dielectric layer allows the lamp to withstand higher voltages without shorting. The voltages required to make an EL lamp work are relatively high, from 80 to 100 volts. However because they are powered by small batteries there is virtually no current. With no current there is no danger of heat or dangerous electrical shock.

As we introduce Phase I of the Light Innovation's "mass market" category, this only captures the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the endless amount of ideas in consumer products that can be imagined and created using the marvel of EL lighting. We have already begun to develop various prototypes with more trendy designs in mind as well as other product  categories looking beyond the safety market. We have taken into account the different markets to capture and what trends make sense in those markets as they develop. With EL lighting being the primary component of all products within the Light Innovations product category, our goal in the future is to follow the overall consumer product market trend and create those products that fit.

Our supplier, Look Adventure, is fully committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality service available anywhere. The reason for Look Adventure existence was to emerge from an over populated field of low quality manufacturers trying to make a buck. They are only interested in providing premiere products from top to bottom at competitive pricing and will not cut corners to push and project through at any cost. As a group they have years of experience in consumer products and have a solid idea of what the latest trends are and how a product needs to be designed and manufactured to have long term success. Their values are deeply rooted in hard work, fair and honest practices, and dedication to their workers. They respect their customers -  The difference is undeniable.

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